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Trucourt Advantage

High performance spray applied polyacrylate coating

Trucourt AdvantageTrucourt Advantage is a tough, flexible and hard wearing pigmented polyacrylate coating designed for spray application to a wide range of sports surfaces including porous macadam, concrete and rubber. It is specifically designed for use on high wear surfaces as well as Netball courts requiring the higher grip aggregates required to meet the slip resistance standards required by the A.E.N.A.

Trucourt Advantage is formulated using the most up to date raw material technology incorporating high quality Polyacrylate resin, pigments fillers and additives.

Trucourt Advantage conforms to the slip resistance standards laid out in the SAPCA code of Practice for tennis courts and the AENA for Netball.

Colour Range

Trucourt Advantage is available in a range of six shades:

Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Green
Light Green